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nov 29
Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 Released

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) has been designed specifically to help meet the challenges of any business and the needs of all the different groups with a stake in the messaging system. Exchange Server 2007 SP1 is a mission-critical communications tool that enables employees to be more productive and access their information anywhere and anytime while providing a messaging system that enables rich, efficient access to e-mail, calendar items, voice mail, and contacts. For the administrator, Exchange Server 2007 SP1 provides advanced protection options against e-mail security threats, such as spam and viruses, as well as the tools to help manage internal compliance and high availability needs.

In Exchange Server 2007 SP1, several new features and improvements will extend the Anywhere Access capabilities of Exchange Server 2007 to help make employees more productive on whatever device they're using, provide additional Operational Efficiency tools for administrators seeking a streamlined management and deployment experience, and enable advanced Built-in Protection for more robust high availability and compliance scenarios.

Improvements in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 include:
Anywhere Access
• Integrated Exchange Unified Messaging functionality with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.
• Outlook Web Access additions, including public folder access, S/MIME support, personal distribution lists, and mailbox rules editor.
• Webready document viewer supports Microsoft Office 2007 documents in addition to Microsoft Office 2003 documents.
• Extended language support in Outlook Web Access with Arabic and Korean spell checking.
Operational Efficiency
• Support for Windows Server 2008 deployments, including benefits in flexible clustering, native virtualization, advanced networking, and simplified management.
• Additional tools in the Exchange Management Console, including public folder management and configuration options for clustering and POP/IMAP access.
• Improvements to the Exchange Management Shell syntax and import-export PST in the move-mailbox command.
• Wider variety of web services for application development, including public folder access, delegate management, and folder level permissions.
Built-in Protection
• Addition of Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) for site resilient high availability deployments.
• Extended Exchange ActiveSync policies for mobile policy enforcement.
• Information rights management pre-licensing by the Hub Transport role.
• Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP) support in the Unified Messaging role.
• Support for IPv6 when using Windows Server 2008.


okt 31
TechEd ITForum 2007 - Barcelona

On monday November 12th, Barcelona will be filled with more than 5000 people, attending Microsoft's flagship event for IT Professionals in Europe: TechEd ITForum. TechEd IT Forum is Microsoft's premier European conference designed to provide IT professionals with technical training, information and community resources to build, plan, deploy and manage the secure and connected enterprise using Microsoft infrastructure products and technologies.

From monday through friday, IT professionals can get technical in-depth content ranging from Windows Server 2008 to System Center.

Why TechEd IT Forum?

  • Evaluate up-and-coming and released Microsoft technologies before you roll them out, including Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, the 2007 Microsoft Office System, Windows Vista, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, and Windows Server code name "Longhorn."
  • Increase infrastructure and user security with Microsoft Forefront products
  • Hear about the increased functionality of SQL Server code name "Katmai" and how it builds upon the success of SQL Server 2005
  • Acquire insights from Microsoft and industry experts on the products you work with every day
  • Learn how to solve issues relating to deployment and integration, troubleshooting, and infrastructure management
  • Improve your existing IT infrastructure productivity and management
  • Prepare for the challenges of tomorrow

Barcelona will be the official launch event for the three new System Center products; Virtual Machine Manager 2007, Data Protection Manager 2007 and Configuration Manager 2007.

Delta-N will be attending to the TechEd IT Forum with 3 professionals, during the event we will be publishing info about TechEd on this blog.

More info

okt 05
ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update

Last week, Microsoft announced the ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update package that contains some fixes and new features that were included in SP3 for ISA Server 2004, like:

· Improvements to the ISA Server Management console. These improvements include a new Troubleshooting node.

· Improved log viewing functionality.

· Additional log filter functionality.

· Diagnostic logging. Over 200 new diagnostic logging events are provided.

· Integration with the Microsoft ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool.

Beginning and advanced administrators have good reason to install it because of the new approach to troubleshooting ISA Server 2006. Now you can quickly find the reason why defined access isn't working the way you expect it to. Other related advantages provided by the update are:

· Someone who is new to managing ISA Server 2006 has filter colors and better explanations of actions in the Logging pane.

· Advanced users have new options like save/load filter definitions, and can get detailed information with Diagnostic Logging.

· Many people already use the ISA Best Practices Analyzer Tool. Now it is integrated into the UI, so that with one click you can open it.

Download the Supportability Update at

Download the ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool at

Another useful resource that is ISA Server 2006 Events Help, which you can download at

okt 05
How to Check Free-Busy information on your Windows Mobile Device (ver. 5.x, 6.x)

When Windows Mobile 5 was released it was released without the ability to do GAL lookup.  To deal with this a add-on was developed from the product team that allowed you to do both GAL Lookup and check Free-Busy.  Well in Windows Mobile 5.0 GAL lookup was added but we still don't have Free-Busy look up.  Well since the tool still exists you can download it and use it to check Free-Busy information.The Microsoft Global Contact Access Application uses the OWA Web Service to check free busy information.  It's important to note that the OWA Web Service is not the same as the Activesync Web Service  (both can be seen on the IIS server under the Default Web Site) which is used to sync Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Mail.
This Works with Exchange 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x


okt 03
Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer

With the Active Directory Topology Diagrammer tool, you can read your Active Directory structure through Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO). The Active Directory Topology Diagrammer tool automates Microft Office Visio to draw a diagram of the Active Directory Domain topology, your Active Directory Site topology, your OU structure or your current Exchange 200X Server Organization. With the Active Directory Topology Diagrammer tool, you can also draw partial Information from your Active Directory, like only one Domain or one site. The objects are linked together, and arranged in a reasonable layout that you can later interactively work withthe objects in Microsoft Office Visio.


jul 20
Active Directory Explorer v1.0

Active Directory Explorer (AD Explorer) is an advanced Active Directory (AD) viewer and editor. You can use AD Explorer to easily navigate an AD database, define favorite locations, view object properties and attributes without having to open dialog boxes, edit permissions, view an object's schema, and execute sophisticated searches that you can save and re-execute.

AD Explorer also includes the ability to save snapshots of an AD database for off-line viewing and comparisons. When you load a saved snapshot, you can navigate and explorer it as you would a live database. If you have two snapshots of an AD database you can use AD Explorer's comparison functionality to see what objects, attributes and security permissions changed between them.



jul 19
Microsoft Office 2007 Professional VHD

Test Drive two new Microsoft platforms, Windows Vista Enterprise and Office 2007 Professional, and experience how they work better together.
This VHD contains both the 30 day edition of Windows Vista Enterprise Edition and an evaluation of Office 2007 Professional which includes Publisher, Excel, Outlook, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and Word. See how with these new platforms can simplify how people work together, find information and improve business insight, help protect and manage content, and reduce IT costs and improve security. Test drive today to experience how Windows Vista and Office 2007 work better together!


jun 27
Microsoft releases Windows Server 2008 June CTP

Microsoft Tuesday released the next beta version of Windows Server 2008 that adds options for installing Microsoft's newest Web server.

The Community Technology Preview (CTP), which is Microsoft's lingo for its release cycle of beta software, is available to MSDN subscribers, TechNet subscribers and Connect customers.

This is the first CTP since
Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 was released in April. Microsoft officials say 200,000 copies of Beta 3 have been downloaded.
With the new CTP, Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 is now an installation option under the Server Core feature of the server.

jun 22
HTTP to HTTPS Redirection Options in ISA Server 2006

When you publish a Web site over SSL, users may persist in trying to connect to it using HTTP. ISA Server 2006 provides two ways to redirect those users to connect over HTTPS.
The easiest way to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS is on the Connect tab of the Web listener used to publish the site, shown here:


Typically, in a secure Web publishing scenario, you would choose the option Redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS. This will automatically redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS.

If you are publishing both HTTP and SSL sites using a single Web listener, you may want to select Do not redirect traffic from HTTP to HTTPS, and then configure HTTP to HTTPS redirection on each publishing rule for your HTTP and SSL sites as appropriate. Note that this option does not result in automatic redirection, but requires the user to retype the URL using "HTTPS". For per-rule configuration, select Notify HTTP users to use HTTPS instead on the Traffic tab of each Web publishing rule, shown here:

The third option on the Connections tab of the Web listener is Redirect all authenticated traffic from HTTP to HTTPS, which will redirect requests only when the user is required to authenticate. If you select this option, the per-rule redirection option is only available if the rule applies to the All Users user set, as authenticated users will already be automatically redirected by the Web listener.

jun 22
Using 2X Application Server to Publish Applications

In most cases, using the terminal services is an all or nothing situation. Typically, either your user's entire desktop is hosted on a terminal server, or the entire desktop runs locally. Sometimes though, it would be nice to be able to host individual applications in a terminal service environment rather than having to host users' entire desktops. This is especially true in situations in which users run a wide variety of applications and desktop configurations rather than using one standard configuration and set of applications.

Windows Server 2008 is designed to allow you to host individual applications through the Terminal Services, but as I'm sure you know, it is still in beta testing and probably will be for quite some time. Even if Windows Server 2008 were to be released tomorrow, it would probably still take some time before most companies implement it. If you want to be able to host individual applications on your terminals server today, then one option is to use 2X ApplicationServer (

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